Spring Constructor Injection With List

Spring Constructor Injection With List

In spring we can inject values to Collection by constructor injection. We can use three elements in <constructor-arg> element,  it can be list, set and map etc.

In this example we are going to use list to store Players batting style, bowling style and nick name.

Info  :  list can contain duplicate elements.

package com.TheTechMatin.Entity;
import java.util.List;

public class Players {

     private String fullName;
     private String role;
     private String board;
     private List<String> playersInfo;
     public Players() {


     public Players(String fullName, String role, String board, List<String> playersInfo) {
          this.fullName = fullName;
          this.role = role;
          this.board = board;
          this.playersInfo = playersInfo;

     public String toString() {
          return "Players [fullName=" + fullName + ", role=" + role + ", board=" + board + ", playersInfo=" + playersInfo
                   + "]";

The <list> element of <constructor-arg> is used here to define the list. 
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

     <bean id="player" class="com.TheTechMatin.Entity.Players">
          <constructor-arg value="Sir Ravindra Jadeja"></constructor-arg>
          <constructor-arg value="All Rounder"></constructor-arg>
          <constructor-arg value="BCCI"></constructor-arg>
           <!-- batting style -->
            <value>Left Hand Batting</value>
            <!-- bowling style -->
            <value>Left Hand Bowling</value>
            <!-- nick name -->

This is the main class in which first loading config file then getting bean from it.
package com.TheTechMatin.Entity;

import org.springframework.context.support.ClassPathXmlApplicationContext;

public class TestApp {

     public static void main(String[] args) {
          //load the configuration file
          ClassPathXmlApplicationContext context = new ClassPathXmlApplicationContext("applicationContext.xml");
          //just printing the message
          System.out.println("Hello Welcome To Sping Constructor Injection!");
          //get the bean
          Players player = context.getBean(Players.class);
          //print the Players class
          //close the context

On execution of TestApp.java class the following output will be displayed on console.

Hello Welcome To Sping Constructor Injection!
Players [fullName=Sir Ravindra Jadeja, role=All Rounder, board=BCCI, playersInfo=[Left Hand Batting, Left Hand Bowling, Jaddu]]
Tested On Eclipse 2019-06

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